Connecting a Community of Banks

WINTRUST   Responsive Web Design

Planning: User Research, Concept Development

Crafting: UX + Architecture


In Collaboration with: 

Alex Del Solar: UI + Visual Design

Kate Fitzgibbon: Research + IA

How might we

present an array of related brands within a single, unified customer experience?

We designed a series of flexible and responsive web templates that could be leveraged across all of Wintrust’s business units as well as their flagship online presence.


The Impact

Current-state assessment brought a holistic awareness for our client around prioritization of content, limits of their current templates, and a clear understanding of where they need to focus their investment. 

Stakeholder interviews built consensus among varying viewpoints and priorities across different business units and functions while creating a framework where all voices, concerns, and needs were considered.

Experience design and prototyping were conducted in a collaborative fashion between key decision makers, development team, and content owners. The full team was able to partake in iteration and design decisions with confidence. 

Visual design leveraged the existing brand awareness and heightened its applicability in mobile, marketing, and internal communication channels.



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